An imposing building set in peaceful surroundings where you can enjoy truly magical sunsets.

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Arco della Pace

A Napoleonic idea.

Take time to come here when you feel like a relaxing stroll. Once in the Sempione park, you'll lose yourself among its little pathways. If possible, come while it's still light and stay until sundown. You'll make it out from afar when walking, but as you approach it, you'll see just how striking it really is. Up close, it's stunning. This is at least what Napoleon intended when he ordered its construction in honour of his victories. However, it remained unfinished as he was defeated before its completion. Franz I of Austria decided to finish it in the name of European Peace. Even if you're not an art fanatic, you'll still be amazed by its marble motifs. The arch offers stunning photo opportunities as the sun goes down.

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