Be brave and dare to visit the biggest funeral monument after the pyramids of Egypt. Simply stunning.

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Milan Monumental Cemetery

An unusual visit.

This may be an unusual and rather unsettling visit, but a visit to Milan's Monumental Cemetery will leave you open-mouthed. It is considered the biggest funeral monument after the pyramids of Egypt. The decor and the artistic works that surround this site have transformed it into an open-air museum that is far removed from the preconceived idea of a cemetery. There are various areas that you should visit. Firstly, the famedio, located at the main entrance, is where Italian celebrities are buried. The ossario, located in the central area, is reserved for the oldest tombs. From this terrace you can see the whole cemetery. Afterwards, walk freely and observe the decorations. You'll have seen nothing like it. However, keep calm and silent as it still needs to be treated as a cemetery.

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