Butter, cheese, rice, creams, ricotta: key components that make Milanese cuisine stand out from the rest.

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Milanese cuisine

A temple of flavours.

This city is bursting with flavours. Setting itself apart from the rest of the country, the Lombardy region has its own unique way of cooking. You'll instantly notice that well-known dishes take on a whole new flavour. This is certainly because here butter is favoured over oil. Like the rest of the Mediterranean, cheese lovers will be in their element. Here it is mixed with bread and egg to make batter. As well as this, the most typical cooking products are rice, creams, butter and ricotta. There are certain restaurants that must be at the top of your list if you want to tuck into various typical delights. Stop off at the Trattoria Brasera Meneghina on the Corso Magenta or meander around the Navigli or Viale Piave where you'll find an abundance of traditional restaurants.

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