Opera is the queen of the Scala: the most famous authors and singers in musical history have performed here.

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Scala Museum and Theatre

Legendary theatre

This visit will provide you with an insight into the culture of opera. Here, on Via Manzoni to the north of the Duomo, have passed the most relevant authors in the history of music. If you're a performing arts lover, you'll want to visit this legendary theatre that also offers visits that will take you through the golden era of Italian opera. During these visits, you can see the inside of the building and be transported right back into the eighteenth century. Crossing the dressing room, you'll go up to the theatre boxes and the exhibition area. Inside the museum itself you'll see paintings, busts, clothing and authentic sets from the world of opera. It offers a historical insight into the music through the legacy of the best singers from the world of opera. This visit followed by a life performance would be perfect for any real opera buff.

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