A modest, cheap and popular restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere serving nothing but quality food.

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Tradition in Al Matarel Signora Elide

Classical and traditional cuisine

This is a restaurant which invites you to delve into classic, traditional Milan. Its location plays a part in its success, as it is located right on the eastern side of Sempione Park on Via Laura Solera Manetegazza. It's also a good place to finish off a great day of history with an equally great meal. Afterwards, the park is a wonderful place to walk while you digest your food. When you step inside, you'll notice that this hugely popular restaurant is actually quite modest. Still, you must remember that eating out in this city is not normally a cheap activity. The classical decoration with images of the city is an advert of the food served here and offers a great setting in which to soak up its relaxed atmosphere. Adding to its friendly appeal, the owners take care of both the cooking and the service. If you're spoilt for choice, don't forget that there's no such thing as a bad choice with this menu.

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