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Parque Regional El Valle y Carrascoy

The wild side of Murcia.

As if it were trying to separate the water from the Segura River's banks and the water from the shore of Mar Menor, this type of geographical feature in the form of mountains appears as one of Murcia's wildest places. This area occupies more than 16,000 hectares and it's home to the most diverse flora and fauna in the region. For nature and animal lovers, it's worth mentioning that this is a privileged place for bird-watching where a large number of the most characteristic species of the peninsula can be found here. For example, you can see examples of the peregrine falcon, the common buzzard, and at night you may be able to spot some eagle owls, but the most outstanding of all is the fact that this is the usual habitat of the royal eagle. As you can expect to spot a variety of birds in this regional park, it's also home to numerous reptiles such as lizards, oscillated lizards, and Iberian snakes. By the way, the European wild cat also lives here on this land. As you can see, this natural place is rich and unique, which is essential if you want to discover the wildest natural medium in the region.

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