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Puente de los Peligros

The city's old bridge.

The Puente de los Peligros (Bridge of the Hazards) is also known as Puente Viejo (Old Bridge), and has been here in this place since the 18th century, joining the two banks of the Segura River. At one end of the bridge, you'll find one of the city's most famous virgins called Our Lady of the Hazards. This virgin has one of the most important stories in popular eccentricities. Throughout the city's history, the residents didn't have much else to be so afraid of other than the floods caused by the river rising, and such rising gave way to all kinds of traditions and rituals around this area to stop the river. For example, when the river rose, it was common to throw the virgen's crown into the river, as it was believed that the water level would drop this way. Another one of the most common spiritual practices was to tell the river off from the fifth floor of the cathedral.

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