This is an innovative and popular establishment. The rooms change according to the time of the year. You will have never seen anything like this before.

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We present you with one of the best alternatives for a night out. The nightclub named Arenile Reload is located at 14b on Via Coroglio. This magical place stands facing the beach, watching over the Neapolitan coast, and it's undoubtedly one of the most modern, innovative, and enjoyable in the city. Depending on the season, this huge club offers some alternatives and a different night out. In summer, the pool area turns into one of the city's most popular dance floors. During the cold season, their winter area opens with a cocktail service which is well-known throughout the whole city. In addition, and since it's reopening a few years ago, this club has concentrated on a programme of electronic music sessions, concerts, and the organisation of events, so we advise you to check their calendar. This is a place of worship, particularly for young people and university students.

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