This enormous building is the result of a magnificent project directed by the King of Naples. What do you think of it?

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Basilica of San Francesco di Paola

Neapolitan influence.

Depending on how you go touring the streets of Nepal, you'll be able to reconstruct the city's history by its buildings. The buildings from all historic periods are preserved in this place, from the Roman Empire, to the 20th century and the most current trends. Stopping in the square of Piazza Plebiscito is proof of this. Looking at each side, you'll see the four most important buildings in the city, and each one of them represents a different historical period. Take a look at the Basilica de San Francesco di Paola. That enormous building is one of the signs of the Neapolitan influence in the city. It was a project completed by King Joachim Murat of Naples who was the emperor's confidant, and who commissioned this monumental church to be built in 1809. Due to the huge construction work it required this lasted until 1824, and even then it took until 1836 to be inaugurated.

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