Try it! Italian coffee is a delight: it's tasty and made in so many different ways.

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An expresso, please!

Coffee is one of the specialities of Neapolitan cuisine, and it's almost a religion in the city. In fact, it's nearly impossible to find a place where the coffee isn't delicious. But it's true that you must have some idea about this drink. There are numerous varieties but it's most common to order an expresso, however, which is served in a small glass with a little amount of coffee, and it is usually very strong. Another popular drink to try is Caffè ai cioccolatto which replaces sugar with chocolate and it's a real delicacy, which is usually ordered as a dessert. And if you want to try new varieties, you can choose between caffè del cardinale, caffè all´anice, or caffè all´nocciola. These are all typical varieties in the city, and we recommend a place where you can try all these coffees: the Gran Caffè Cimmino on a street called Chiaia where this café is a real institution of the substance.

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