Naples doesn't only offer Italian traditional cuisine. Take a walk round the square of Piazza Plebiscito and you'll see why.

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Dining Out in Naples

Bon appétit!

Despite being attributed to the home of pizza, the city of Naples divides its cuisine into two sides. The first side is a more traditional one that has the typical dishes of the city and the country, pasta, pizza, cheeses, and an extremely long etcetera. This delicious cuisine must be tasted, and if you want to try the first pizza margarita that saw the light, you can do so in Pizzeria Brandi on Via Chiaia. But there is another more modern and innovative side. Many years ago, the chefs in Naples made sure that the city was placed at the head of the most trendiest cuisine, and with the intention of not associating Naples to just the usual Italian food, and they have achieved it. On the outskirts of the square named Piazza Plebiscito, there are several restaurants where you can try this kind of cuisine. Enjoy your meal!

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