The sweetest memento of Naples is waiting for you: dark chocolate, chocolate eggs, sweets... which sweet tempts you the most?

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Dolce Idea

Sweet paradise.

Should you be thinking of buying a souvenir from Naples, we propose something a little different for you, which is an alternative to material objects. We recommend that you visit the chocolate shop named Dolce Idea where you can choose your favourite sweets among all those that they make on the premises. This shop is quite an institution in the city, and has been making the best sweets you can imagine for many years. As chocolate is one of the city's specialities, you are going to find a work of art in Dolce Idea. They have an endless number of the city's homemade recipes. The founder is Gennaro Bottone and his creations are the finest Italian sweets. From the most classic sweets to dark chocolate and traditional chocolate eggs. This establishment is found at number 132 on the street named Pietro Castellino. This is the perfect place to buy a typically Neapolitan souvenir.

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