A military fortress, a church, and now a very important improvised museum. Would you like to go up here?

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National Museum of San Martino

Watching the city from above.

You can make out the white walls of Castel Sant'Elmo if you watch the city from the highest point. Like nearly all the buildings constructed in this way, it was conceived as a military fortress to defend the city. Towards the 13th century, building work began to renovate this building and turn it into a church under the reign of Charles of Anjou, son of Roberto of Anjou. Despite the delay of its inauguration, this place was turned into an improvised museum as world-famous artworks are kept between its walls. From pictorial works by Ribera, Caracciolo, Guido and Reni, you can also find sculptures in the shape of busts by Domenico Antonio Vaccaro. Although there are people who say the museum's own decoration and architecture make up the most important pieces of the exhibition. This is why you must not miss its high altar, its corridors with sets of marbles, and its so-called treasure chapel which have all bared witness to the passing of baroque, gothic, and rococo influences in this church.

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