Are you looking for a nice and pleasant park in Naples, with a children's area, and some space to do sport? You've found it!

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Parco Virgiliano

Crowning Posillipo.

There is a hill named Possilipo in Naples. This hill is known for its different and unusual kind of stone called tufa stone. On the highest part of this hill, you will find Parco Virgiliano, which is one of the most pleasant green areas in the city. This large peaceful area is completely built out of this type of stone. This place has been becoming more popular, and what started off as a simple park has now become a vast oasis with children's sports, and relaxation areas. In fact, as you will have been able to see, Naples is a city with lots of hustle and bustle and unfortunately there is a lot of pollution. The traffic is dense and continuous, and it was the city itself that demanded a place where people could take refuge from this way of life. By the way, there are a few terraces at the top of the park from where you can make out the whole Neapolitan coast, and its beautiful surrounding islands.

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