A visit to Pompeii stirs the feelings of even the strongest of people. It's impressive to see the incinerated bodies which are still preserved nowadays.

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As a matter of fact, a visit to the city of Pompeii means an experience which is equally mixed of both history and tragedy. This is about a city that was suddenly buried without any prior notice in the year 79 AD, by a fierce explosion from the volcano situated next to Pompeii known as Vesuvius. It was precisely due to such immediacy that nobody could have survived, and the majority of the residents were trapped in the city. This fact turns the ruins of the city into a very well preserved photograph of the city's day-to-day life. Everything stopped in that moment, as if it were a film. The ruins that you can visit are enormous, and they are surprisingly well preserved (taking into account that the majority were buried until the 17th century). The Theatre of Pompeii is one of the essential pieces among the ruins, and so is the ancient brothel which is preserved between its streets. But what's undoubtedly most impressive about this visit are the incinerated bodies that were left motionless since the day of the explosion, and up to the present day.

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