Italy wouldn't be the same without Sorrento. Visit this city and make your own judgement.

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Part of Italian History.

The city of Sorrento has a large chapter in Italian history. It was founded in the era of the Roman Empire, and has been around for nearly as long as Naples. In fact, there used to be a population here before the Romans arrived, but it was the Romans who established the city. Although its streets show this influence, there are also traces of what happened later. The walls that used to surround the city are still there, which were built during the 16th century to protect the city from neighbouring invasions. The Duomo or cathedral that you can visit was also refurbished during the same century. However, the city's most symbolic and historical monument is the Basilica di Sant'Antonino built during the 11th century, which still maintains architectural and decorative elements from the Imperial Age. Naturally, the views are magnificent of the island of Capri, the shores of Naples, and the large volcano of Vesuvius.

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