Sweets, Liqueurs, and other Desserts

'Sfogliatella' is the name of a typical Neapolitan dessert. Its main ingredients are almonds and puff pastry. Would you like to taste it?

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Sweets, Liqueurs, and other Desserts

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Sweets are one of the city's specialities. Both the chocolates and the ice creams are traditional recipes from this city, and they have a long tradition behind them. As for the sweets, the typical dessert from Naples is called sfogliatella. This sweet is essentially made up of puff pastry and almonds (hence its name), and it is usually consumed as a dessert. Liqueurs from the city are also a dessert and are used to complement coffee. Limoncello is one of them, although it is usually found throughout the whole country. If you would like to try some traditional liqueurs, you must try the liquori ai quattro fruti (liqueur of four fruits). Made from orange, lemon, mandarin, and lime, this is the most widespread liqueur. And of course the Neapolitan vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice creams. Whatever you decide to choose, they will offer you all of these specialities at any restaurant in the historic city centre.

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