The Underwater Park of Gaiola

An underwater and terrestrial paradise, which offers different and adventurous leisure alternatives.

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The Underwater Park of Gaiola

A protected area.

The Underwater Park of Gaiola is a protected area on the Neapolitan coast. It's situated on the so-called Discesa Gaiola, and it's an underwater and terrestrial paradise to visit. It's best to rent a kayak on the same beach, so that you can go round the small islands that make up the reserve. In fact, for the daring and adventurous visitors, it's ideal to dive around these rocks, as this place is particularly interesting due to the archaeological remains found under the sea. At the same place where you can hire a kayak, other rental services of equipment are available, as well as many guided diving courses for the beginners of this sport. Under the sea, you will be able to observe the volcanic ruins, which have been left submerged there for centuries. A large part of Naples' history is found under this geological area, in fact, you can observe the volcanic remains of over 12,000 years old.

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