Voilà! You are in front of the most famous ties in the world! The legendary Onassis himself wears these ties.

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Ties by Marinella

Ambassadors of the Neapolitan brand.

The ties by the brand Marinella have been ambassadors of the Neapolitan brand for many decades. These ties have been worn, and are still worn by the most famous celebrities in the world, such as the extremely well-known Onassis, as well as each president of the Italian Republic, and a large number of sports people, actors, and all kinds of public figures. In fact, this shop started to make ties in an almost accidental way, as its first activity was shirts, and it has been trading since the beginning of the 20th century. Its founder, Eugenio Marinella, brought stylists and tailors from all over the world to this place, especially from Paris, in order to carry out the best line of shirts and ties based on British cuts. Little by little, he realised that the ties were proving to be more successful, and since then, their two premises in the city were dedicated to perfect his brand. The shops are still open nowadays and this could be your chance to bring back a sample of this famous piece of clothing.

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