You will like its golden tone and its mysterious aura. Perhaps Lady Anna and her stories also contribute some mystery.

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Villa Donn'Anna 

The guard of the bay.

This spectacular 15th-century building stands over the ruins of the original building named La Sirena to turn it into the guard of the bay of Posilipo. This is how Villa Donn´Anna appears, which is raised over the sea shore with that golden colour caused by its volcanic rock, and shrouded by its extraordinary and mysterious aura. The folk here used to say that Queen Lady Anna had several lovers who were often chosen among the fishermen who worked in the waters near the castle and that these men were murdered or thrown off the cliffs near the castle. The parties organised at this place were also famous, where plays and concerts were performed on its terraces to give the queen a better reputation. Now there are all kinds of stories about this woman and the souls of her deceased lovers who are still meant to inhabit this castle.

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