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Campo de Santana Park

A big green space to cool off

This is one of Río de Janeiro's parks with the most historical significance. Amongst other things, because it was witness to the declaration of Pedro I as Emperor of Brazil in 1822. This is why, every year, it hosts the country's commemorative military parades. It was also here in this square, in 1889, where Marshal Deodoro da Fonseca established the Republic of Brazil, which is why the park is also known as Republic Square. Located just a few metres from the Sambadrome, for centuries the area was covered by a swamp, which vanished during the colonial period. In 1753, the zone was named Campo de Santana in honour of the church that was built there, but demolished 100 years later during the construction of Río's first railway. The green 'lung' of the city centre is made up of large gardens and a beautiful woodland, as well as different species of animals, including ducks and peacocks. At the end of the 19th century it underwent a profound transformation, designed by French engineer and landscape artist Auguste Marie François Glaziou.

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