Nossa Senhora da Glòria do Outeiro Church

Although some details of its history are unknown, this is considered to be one of the treasures of Brazilian heritage

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Nossa Senhora da Glòria do Outeiro Church

Feel at peace at the top of this hill

It is the gem of the Glòria neighbourhood, which gives the church its name, and one of the most noted Baroque legacies of the colonial period. Situated at the top of a hill, on what was once an old 17th century chapel, it is not known for sure the date of its construction. Some claim that work started on it during the 1730s, although others date it earlier to 1714. What is certain, however, is that it opened in 1739. Another uncertainty is who designed it. Traditionally it was assigned to architect José Cardoso Ramalho, although there is no documentation to prove this. One thing that we can be sure of though, is that the area was chosen by Emperor Pedro II to host his marriage and the baptism of his daughter. It is also understood that less than a century ago, at a time when the coastline stretched up the hill, the emperor would bathe his feet in the water. This octagonal building is a place of harmony and incredible beauty, with Portuguese tiles covering the 18th century sacristy and altar, sculpted by Mestre Valentim. In 2006 it underwent a rofound restoration, affecting, amongst other things, the altars, the facade and the sculptures. More information is available at

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