The bar with the most history in the city, making it a must-see in Río

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The Legendary Bar Luíz

A bar with character

Most cities have a few local bars which, for some reason or other, have become a hotspot for visitors to the area. And here is one of them. For many, Bar Luíz ( on Carioca Street is the most famous bar in Río de Janeiro. Indeed it is one of the most legendary, with its opening dating back to 1887, when it was named Zum Schlauch after its first German owner. At the start of the 20th century up until World War II, it changed its name and ownership a number of times, until it finally adopted the name Bar Luíz by the German Movement that took over Brazil. Business peaked during the 60s when it was commonplace to find noted figures of the Brazilian cultural scene sitting at its tables. Its survival was threatened in 1985 during the construction of the city's Metro, but in the end it was saved at the hands of its beer fans - considered to be the best beer in Río de Janeiro. At the end of 2011, Río's Mayor, Eduardo Paes, included this bar in his record of traditional pubs, which earned it a mention in the City's Cultural Heritage.

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