A unique gem, thanks to its stone and glass curves, its colour changes throughout the day.

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Batlló House

One hundred per cent Gaudi.

A Gaudi building inaugurated in 1906, Batlló House is one of Barcelona’s emblems, and one of the reasons why Gracia Avenue is known as the ‘Modernist Avenue’ of Barcelona. Like the Sagrada Familia, this was a work in progress that Gaudi took over. In this case, he made a new façade for a building originally erected by Emilio Salas Cortes, over thirty years earlier (around 1876), applying a mixture of curved stone and glass to its walls. In fact, the architect had to extend the project several times, in order to find a balance between the building’s necessary functions and the aesthetic he was going for. In the end, it became one of his most original works. It is said that the façade’s colour changes according to what hour of the day it is and where you are observing it. The glass and its layout produce this optical effect. Gaudi ordered the glass to be removed and re-positioned several times to achieve this.

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