Andino Shopping Centre (Centro Comercial Andino)

Teeming with people: luxury shopping by day and restaurants and pubs by night. Atmosphere guaranteed.

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Andino Shopping Centre (Centro Comercial Andino)

The most exclusive shopping.

The Andino Shopping Centre first opened its doors in 1993 in the heart of the El Retiro in Bogota's Zona Rosa. This centre is one of the city's most exclusive spots for shops and shopping. It is also next to the financial heart of the city. In this area you will find luxury fashion and jewellery shops amongst others, but there is also a great atmosphere after the shops close. This entire neighbourhood is a new zone where Bogota's most settled members of society have moved to. Among the many company buildings, businesses and a large residential area, you will find plenty of restaurants and pubs where you can have dinner and a drink. In fact, you can carry on drinking because at night, especially at weekends, this area comes alive with people filling the neighbourhood's bars.

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