It would be a mistake to miss this guided tour. Its interior is perhaps more interesting than its exterior. With that in mind, book in advance!

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Casa de Nariño

Yesterday and tomorrow.

This building represents the past and the future of the Republic of Colombia. Partly because of its privileged location next to the Plaza Bolivar, it was chosen as the home for the Republic's president. But the other reason was the historical significance of the palace. From 1765, this was the home where one of the most significant heroes of the independence process was raised: Antonio Nariño y Alvarez. In spite of the fact that people usually view the palace from the outside when they are either on their way to the plaza or simply going for a walk around the La Candelaria neighbourhood, the interior is a highly recommended visit. If you want to do this, you need to be prepared: you will need to book well in advance. However, the guided tour is free and perhaps the most interesting in the city. Inside, you can see some of the country's most iconic art, decoration and politics.

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