Not just any restaurant. Neither its chef, nor its surroundings nor its rules are normal... surprisingly different!

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Casa La Cicuta

A hidden treasure.

When you're inside, you'll forget you are in a city. This place is a favourite for those who like to eat in peace. Its location in La Candelaria, where Calle 9 crosses Carrera 2ª, also makes it a real hidden treasure. When you enter this colonial house, the first thing you notice is that it was not built as a restaurant. Its owner and chef Pascal Tournamille converted this ranch so that he could open it as a restaurant. Once there, don't hesitate to go out and eat in their famous garden. Come here and enjoy the half French and half Colombian food in one of the city's friendliest environments. After lunch, if you are in no hurry, you can have a coffee in a hammock while you rest your food down. Or, if you prefer, you could go for a little stroll to admire the plants in the garden.

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