Majestic peaks, jungle forests, rivers full of waterfalls: nature in its purest, wildest state.

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Chicaque Natural Park

Nature Reserve.

The Chicaque Natural Park is 30 minutes from Bogota and there are regular trains and buses. This nature reserve is in a stunning park of more than 300 hectares with a blend of many ecosystems, from the river with lush forests, almost jungles, up to the toughest peaks, such as the Pico del Águila (Eagle's Peak) where you can admire the grandeur of this spot. The tour will take you to an oasis that will strike you as incongruous, like the huge waterfalls of more than 60 metres in height in the Quebrada Velez. Throughout the entire reserve there are many different trails depending on how daring the visitor is. But don't be scared, there are many tourists here so there is no risk. Anyway, get ready to be at one with the wildest nature you've ever seen.

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