Church of the Candlemas (Iglesia de La Candelaria)

Despite its low number of admirers, don't forget to visit it. Its lifespan makes it worthwhile.

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Church of the Candlemas (Iglesia de La Candelaria)

One of the country's religious symbols.

This building has witnessed the story of the Republic. To reach it, go south down Calle 11 from the Plaza de Bolivar. Although you won't need to devote much time to visiting it, you can't not go in when you walk around La Candelaria. Its sober and austere presence has won it few admirers. However, this church is without doubt one of the oldest in the city and has been a national monument since 1975. Since it was finished in 1703, it has resisted the onslaught of time, an earthquake and the numerous demolitions of the 20th century. Even so, it has needed several renovations over the years. Its significance lies in the country's deeply entrenched religious influence, of which this church is still an active symbol. Today, a visit to the inside reveals a vision of the more traditional image of Catholicism on the continent.

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