You should not leave Bogota without visiting the dessert quarter and delighting in any of its traditional sweets

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Dessert at Barrios Unidos

A sweet end to the party.

Sweet lovers have to go to this area at least once. Located further north of Chapinero, Barrios Unidos is the city's favourite place to go to enjoy Bogota's traditional desserts. If you don't have much time to wander around, the best thing to do is to go straight to the dessert quarter. On Carrera 50 between Calles 63 and 68, this area has a unique origin. Someone from the neighbourhood began selling their home-made desserts, which led to the creation of a company. As the number of customers grew, many neighbours joined in, resulting in a variety of little artisan companies, specialising in the preparation of traditional sweets. These days, a lot of people come here to sample the homemade masato, hojaldres, cuajada melao and other recipes unique to each of the area's companies.

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