Excursion to Capurgana

Capurgana has deserted beaches, isolated villages, small coves and crystal clear waters. An oasis to lose yourself in.

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Excursion to Capurgana

Atlantic Paradise Lost.

Colombia is one of the few countries with beaches on two great oceans: the Atlantic and the Pacific. Well, Capurgana is one of the lost paradises of the Atlantic coast. An oasis with endless sandy beaches on the Gulf of Urabá, near Cabo Tiburon. Though it now has an airport, it still retains the feel of a remote village and deserted beaches. It is the ideal place to end a trip to Colombia by spending a couple of days wandering endless coves and bathing in clear waters. All the water sports you can imagine are available here. You can observe the area's enormous variety of marine fauna and, at dusk, watch the sun go down over the sea and dine on the edge of the sand. You can get here by land or by air. Once you arrive in Capurgana you will not want to leave.

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