Tamales and chocolate with cheese are essentials in this small and always crowded restaurant: all an epicurean must.

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La Puerta Falsa


Welcome to one of the city's favourite little spots. Take the opportunity to go for lunch or afternoon tea when you're strolling through La Candelaria. To get there, take the Calle 11 eastwards from Plaza Bolivar. Pay attention as you walk because it is only a small place and you may walk past without noticing it. But don't be fooled by its size, because this is one of the most popular and crowded places in the whole city. It has been here for more than a hundred years and today remains an emblem of Colombian cuisine. When you enter, the first thing you will notice is the smell of chocolate. Next, you will notice its ancient and traditional looks. Don't worry if it is very busy; people here do not usually take long to eat their meals. Once seated, you simply have to try the tamales and the chocolate with cheese.

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