Disorder and versatility reign in this market, packed with pre-loved items from Bogota's homes. Worth seeing.

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San Alejo Flea-market (Mercado de las pulgas)

Impressively original.

On the corner of Carrera 7 and Calle 24, facing the Torre Colpatria, you will find one of the most unique markets you've ever seen. This is the San Alejo Flea-market, held here every Sunday and holiday Monday. People come here from all over the city and surrounding area to sell all sorts of things they no longer need. Don't expect to find an organized market with neatly laid out stalls. Here you will find the most unlikely objects, the most curious antiques and the city's most original gifts for a nominal price. There are CDs among dishes, tableware with repaired electrical appliances and books with children's toys. It is your mission to find, among all these stalls, something to take away as a souvenir.

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