Thanks to this initiative, at certain times, you can explore Bogota by bike without danger from other vehicles. Consult the timetable!

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The Ciclovía

A great local initiative.

This Bogota initiative allows you to see the city in a way which would otherwise be impossible. The Ciclovíá is an initiative that has been in operation since 1974: on Sundays from 7:00am until 2:00pm, the city's main roads are reserved for bicycles, pedestrians and all kinds of non-motor vehicles. The Ciclovíá covers seven routes through the main streets of the city; a total of 121 kilometres, taking you through the most important areas of Bogota. You can explore the whole city by foot or bicycle away from the danger of cars or other vehicles. There are numerous places to hire bicycles and it doesn't cost much to hire one for the whole day. By the way, the Ciclovía also operates on some holiday evenings, check the dates because it's worth exploring the city by bike in the evening.

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