Strolling around this modern residential area is positively pleasant and inviting.

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The Unicentro space was designed in the 1970s as a form of sustainable expansion for the city. The project was designed to unite trade with a residential area in a new neighbourhood so that the city is developed in a controlled manner. That is how Unicentro came into being. At present, you can visit this gigantic shopping centre and all its surroundings that were part of the project. And indeed, this resulted in the appearance of new neighbourhoods such as La Carolina and Santa Barbara. Many Bogotanos have moved here (the corner of Carrera 15 and Calle 127) to find work in the surrounding area: a well-maintained peaceful area of the city. There are continuous green areas and shops (inside and outside the shopping centre); it is one of the best examples of modern life in the city of Bogota.

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