All kinds of exotic fruits, potatoes, cassava, meat, fish, chocolate, it's all good!

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What to eat in Bogota

Succulent cuisine.

To familiarise yourself with life in Bogota, you must try its food. Like the rest of Colombia, this city has a huge and varied cuisine. If you can, avoid restaurants serving food from other countries. You can spend many days only eating food from different regions of Colombia without eating the same dish twice. Its exotic fruits are the stars of the culinary show. They can be found in any bar or restaurant, in salads, juices and cocktails. The Chapinero neighbourhood is famous for its traditional restaurants, such as Las Margaritas. You can't leave any of these restaurants without trying the traditional potatoes and cassava, as well as the various local meat and fish dishes. If you would like to try the city's hand-made chocolates, try La Florida on the corner of Carrera 7ª and Calle 21.

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