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El Puertito on Lobos Island

The last small island

Lobos Island is the last spot on the Majorero island. Facing the cliffs of Corralejo, on the north side of Fuerteventura, this small island is home to one of three lighthouses that illuminate the Bocaina strait. In fact, this lighthouse was the only building there was on the island, as its small area didn't allow many others. The same family of the lighthouse-keepers who used to run this place opened the only restaurant on the island in the area known as El Puertito. We're talking about a delightful oasis with transparent waters and rocks in which you can see the aquatic flora and fauna while you enjoy a peaceful swim. At El Puertito, you'll have the chance to taste delicious fish dishes which are always fresh, such as their traditional fried fish. This restaurant is also well known for their rice stews and paella that will make you lick your fingers upon finishing your meal. El Puertito is going to surprise you!

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