The variety of climates and landscapes in the region has created some natural and beautifully formed enclaves.

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Eastern Antioquia

To disconnect from the city

The Guatapé Reservoir isn't the only attraction in this area known as Eastern Antioquia: this inland region offers you the opportunity to totally disconnect from the city centre and enter into a beautifully formed, natural paradise. The great diversity of climates and landscapes offers such impressive places such as Salto del Río Buey in the town of La Ceja, which is a waterfall of more than thirty metres in height, or the San Sebastian Ecological Reserve where you'll find a dense forest that is hidden by the mist every morning, creating a panoramic view that you'll find easy to remember. There are other places such as San Antonio de Pereira, which is considered as the Colombian capital of the meat pie, or Carmen de Viboral, which is famous for making traditional pottery, and where it's possible to distinguish the aroma of the ancient Paisa culture among the streets. Eastern Antioquia is undoubtedly an ideal option to fully enjoy nature.

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