A perfect combination of forests, water, and adventure sports. A real luxury.

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Rio Claro Canyon Nature Reserve

Immerse yourself in this paradise!

This incredible place with an area of 250 hectares is located at just under three hours from Medellín, a natural wonder made up of humid tropical forests, and a landscape which is dominated by karstic elements and caves. It's an area of sustainable preservation where several endemic species of flora and fauna live, more than six hundred different families of mammals, reptiles, fish, and typical birds from this area, and some of which are even endangered species. Río Claro (Clear River) took its name after its transparent waters, and its marble river bed is the axis, providing the backbone of the whole nature reserve. And do you know what the best thing is? The most adventurous people can practice their favourite sports by organising peaceful treks, to fearless rafting and canopy tours. Its famous vias ferratas and different potholing activities complete a natural place of unbelievable beauty.

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