It was Mussolini who made this into a grand and powerful station. You might not have been there, but it will certainly ring a bell...

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Central Station

Important and monumental station

This Central Station was built in 1931 to replace the previous major station. This project, completed under the influence of Art Nouveau and Art Deco, became one of the largest and most most monumental stations in all of Europe. It is said that the initial project was much smaller and simpler, but it coincided with the arrival of the dictator Mussolini who demanded the construction of a much bigger station as a demonstration of strength and power. Beyond the reasons that gave rise to its construction, it is nowadays one of the city's most important buildings. In fact, its inside have featured in many films, adverts and photographs. It is located on Piazza Luigi di Savoia, 24, although you can arrive by train or bus and get off at the station itself.

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