This boulevard is the chosen hang-out for Milan's youth, not just for its window displays but also for its culinary options.

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Corso de Porta Ticinese

Milan's alternative vibe

One of the advantages of shopping in Milan is that even just the walk alone is entertaining. Although you might only be window-shopping in the fashion capital, take a meander down the shopping streets and around Corso de Porta Ticinase, which equates to a city history tour. It is one of the areas with the most hustle and bustle, packed out with young people enjoying its cafés, shops and the boulevard. In fact, it has shopping options galore for this age group. More informal clothes, footwear and sports gear. This can all be found on this street, in shouting distance of Via Torino. Precisely due to the type of shops and the public it attracts, this area is known as Milan's alternative zone. Here you'll find oodles of shops that bear little relation to the city's usual fashions.

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