If time is on your side, tour the Montanelli gardens and visit the Villa Real.

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Modern Art Gallery

Vital art museum.

Maximise your visit by coming when the weather is fine. As well as visiting a vital art museum, it is the perfect excuse to stroll through the Indro Montanelli Gardens and visit the Villa Real. This popular residence where it is located is an attraction in itself. However, it did house the Modern Art Gallery in the early twentieth century. Today, walking through these rooms is essential if you're interested in art from recent centuries. It is divided into two areas. The first houses pictorial works and sculptures from the most relevant eighteenth and nineteenth century Milanese artists. Farufini Frederick, Francesco Hayez, and Marchesi Pompeo are some of the artists on show. In addition, there are some twentieth century international names such as Picasso or Van Gogh, divided between the Gallery itself and the nearby Contemporary Arts Pavillion.

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