A great deal of history for one of the most important and educational museums in Milan.

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Museum of the Risorgimento

Graphic and chronological map

Only suitable for hardcore history lovers. This museum is easy to find on Via Borgonuovo and you can team it up with any other visit you fancy in the historic quarter. Inside, it displays an authentic graphic and chronological map of one of the most important stages in the city's history. Throughout the fifteen rooms, you will walk and see the evolutions in life and art in the city from the first Napoleonic campaign until the annexation of Rome. The museum forms part of the Civic Collections, so it is of a completely educational nature. So if it's history you're looking for, this is one of the city's most important museums. When you visit, you'll notice that the decorative elements, insignias and utensils do not just have artistic appeal; they all explain the evolution of the life in the city during that period.

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