Neon lights for this fundamentally Italian art museum focusing on impressionism and futurism.

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Palazzo dell'Arengario

The city's newest museum.

Here you will encounter a stark contrast. This twentieth century art museum is located within the Palazzo dell'Arengario of the piazza del Duomo in the city's historic centre. You'll recognise it instantly if you come at night as its neon lights are ablaze on the upper floor, giving the square a special touch. The centre dedicates itself exclusively to the Novecento Museum, which is also the city's youngest museum. It was inaugurated in 2010 with the aim of broadening the city's offering beyond the medieval. Coming here you can see works by internationally famous artists such as Picasso, Laurens and Braque. However, the exhibitions are geared towards Italian art from the last century. Faced with the dominance of Middle Ages Art, this is the place to take a look at impressionism and futurism.

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