Thirty-one rooms accommodate a large bouquet of Italian classical paintings. Well worth a visit.

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Palazzo di Brera

Endless treasures.

Just entering the building is worth the effort. You'll find it at the end of Via Brera in the historic quarter. Once you enter its inner courtyard, you might miss the presence of benches. This is a place which invites you to spend time in the open air among the columns and statues. However, it is best to keep walking to experience the treasures guarded within the building. The palace has been a cultural centre since its beginnings in the sixteenth century. It was managed initially by the Jesuits and connected to the School of Fine Arts. Around 1882, it set out an independent art gallery. Today you can enter its thirty-one rooms to observe many of the most important classical paintings. El Greco, Tintoretto, Tiziano and Rembrandt are just some of the names featured.

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