This neoclassical façade, inherited by the Habsburgos, is an essential stop on your trip.

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Palazzo Reale

Incredible inner courtyard

A visit to the Duomo when you're in the city is essential for various reasons. One of them is the Royal Palace. Out of all of Milan's rich historical heritage, the Royal Palace is an example of renovation and activism. Its neoclassical façade is owed to the Habsburgs, although its origin dates back even earlier. As in the twelfth century, the old town hall stood there. It was then home to the regents and the seat of the city's government. These days, the building hosts exhibitions and displays. Although the majority of the neoclassical motifs inside the building were lost during Second World War bombings, it's well worth a visit. Perhaps you can make the most of you visit by checking what's on the agenda. Once inside, a visit to its inner courtyard is a must. You'll find that even with the renovations, the place makes you travel back in time.

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