Although it has a no-frills image, it is still impressive with its ancient Byzantine elements.

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San Lorenzo Maggiore Church

Simply modest.

When you come here, you see the origins of the city from a more modest point of view. Compared with the other buildings of high aesthetic appeal, this church stands out for its simplicity. Yet it is the perfect spot for relaxing a while as it is one of the most peaceful spots in the historic centre. To reach it, take the Via Torino from the Duomo, meeting up with the Torso de Porta Ticinese. Observe the exterior first. Built at the end of the fourth century, this Byzantine construction is one of the city's oldest. You'll notice that although it isn't weighed down with embellishments, it has an imposing presence. You can visit inside and take your time, as it's most likely that you'll be there alone. Don't forget to visit the park tucked away to the rear of the church.

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