A verdant paradise on the outskirts of Milan, ideal for resting after a hard day at work or sightseeing.

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Sempione Park

47 green hectares

Next to Sforzcesco Castle, one of Milan's most important monuments, is Sempione Park. This is the city's green lung spanning over 47 hectares. It is a paradise on the outskirts of the city. Inside, there are endless are home to shelter little groves, sports facilities, football field and a fabulous lake for cooling down on hot summer days. Sempione Park was built in 1893 and despite a large part of the areas being built in homage to Napoleon, such as the Arena Civica and the Arco della Pace, it is surely one of the favourite places by the Milanese to rest after a hard day's work. You can also often see improvised musical and street theatre performances throughout the park.

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