A small citadel divided into two: the lower city and the upper city. Start your visit with the upper city, which is much more interesting.

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Visit to Bergamo

Another Lombardy treasure

The city is of Bergamo is another one of Lombardy's jewels. This small citadel is located 60 metres to the northeast of Milan. This former enclave is divided into two: the upper city and the lower city. The first is the old part, surrounded by an ancient wall and inside it stand all the villa's historic buildings. Almost all of the lower city was built in the twentieth century. Both parts are connected by a funicular. Both areas have their appeal, but the upper city is most interesting from a historical point of view. Its cobbled streets lead to the Piazza Vecchia where from where all paths lead. In the centre of the square is the Fonatana Contarini which reminds us that this hamlet was, many years ago, dominated by Venice.

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