Fine dining amid spectacular natural surroundings - worth the trip.

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Mirador de la Giralda (Comasauga)

A dreamy out-of-town repast with a view.

Here's an experience you won't soon forget, thanks not just to the food but because of the surroundings, with spectacular, sweeping views. You'll need to travel a bit to enjoy it - some 13 kilometres (8 miles) out to Comasagua, southwest of San Salvador (so you might want to schedule it as part of one of the out-of-town day trips you should certainly be making here), and you should try to be here for sunset, as it is one of the most striking spots in the entire area. Sundays especially you'll find it full of Salvadorans who come to spend an afternoon here with family or friends. You have the option of just sitting out on the patio with a coffee or drink, or enjoying a delicious Mediterranean/tropical fusion meal (perhaps serenaded by live music). If you're taken enough with the experience, there are rooms to spend the night, too!

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